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Side orders/salads/desserts
$0.99 Banana pudding
$1.59 Fried okra

$1.59 Home made cole slaw
$1.59 Home made hush puppies

$1.59 French fries
$1.99 Cajun fries

$1.99 Tater tots
$2.49 Chili & cheese FF

$2.49 Sweet potato FF
$2.69 Onion rings

$2.99 House salad
$4.99 Cheese sticks

$6.99 Grilled chicken salad
$3.99 Funnel cake

$0.79 100% All beef hot dog
$2.49 100% All beef footlong
$2.99 Corn dog W/FF
$3.99 Fried chicken sandwich
$3.99 Fried flounder sandwich
$4.99 Grilled chicken sandwich
$3.99 NC BBQ (small) W/FFand topped with slaw
$5.99 NC BBQ (large) W/FF and topped with slaw
$5.99 Authentic Buffalo Chicken sandwich W/FF
$5.99 (NEW) Shrimp Burger W/FF: Hand breaded popcornshrimp on a hamburger roll
$6.99 Homemade crabcake sandwich W/FF
$2.99 1/4 lb fresh cheeseburger
$4.49 1/2 lb double cheeseburger
$6.99 1/2 lb Vodoo burger topped with homemade habanero BBQ sauce
$6.99 The Banimal (1 pound cheeseburger)
$12.99 The Mad Viking (2 pound cheeseburger) finish it and sign the hall of fame!!!
$4.99 Chicken tenders W/FF
$5.99 Hamburger steak topped with gravy, grilled onions and served with fries
$6.99 BBQ plate: 6 ounces of NC BBQ, home made cole slaw, fries, and a dinner roll
$7.99 Your choice of (hand breaded popcorn shrimp, flounder, clamstrips, or a homemade crabcake)
served with fries and homemade hush puppies
$10.99 Same as above except you can choose any two seafood items
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